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The Master Chiefs in the Marais | June 2015
"Twelve master chiefs from the area have made tested on the 7th of june some recipes and local products during a walk in Neuilly-la-Forêt
For Yohan, it was vegetal puff pastry filled with nettle pesto and raspberry-elder Pavlova with the complicity of "Délices d'Arthémis" of Maxime Leloup"
"Bib Gourmand" | March 2013
"Join the end of the street (Au bout de la rue) to find out this chic and classy bistro, where a young dynamic chef is mastering original recipes: weeder broth flavored with fennel and crab with orange, chocolate sphere and creamy chestnut ..."
Au Bout de la Rue in the Gourmands’ directory 2013 | 2013
"This address earned our heart and is our favorite discovery. Yohan Lelaizant’s cuisine manages to be both wise and moving. Combining shrimp, grapefruit and “Pont l’évèque” cheese, Panna cotta’s way, it was daring, but definitely mastered! The chef thinks, tries, and succeeds. And like is wife he’s full of surprises, despite its little shyness; their “End of the Street” is the ultimate!"
The Escaviar" J-C. Blais and Yohan Lelaizant | December 2012
"Local flavors. Jean-Claude Blais and Chef Yohan Lelaizant are re-thinking snail’s cuisine. Transformed into caviar, the" beast "brings originality and freshness to festive menus."
"The School of Foie-Gras" | Décembre 2012
"Yohan Lelaizant is launching a school of “Foie-Gras”. Both chef and restaurant" Au bout de la rue "invites you for sensational holidays!"
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