June 2015 | The Master Chiefs in the Marais

Twelve master chiefs from the area have made tested on the 7th of june some recipes and local products during a walk in Neuilly-la-Forêt
For Yohan, it was vegetal puff pastry filled with nettle pesto and raspberry-elder Pavlova with the complicity of "Délices d'Arthémis" of Maxime Leloup
All the year | « The Mood », The new meal created by Yohan !

Yohan concoted a meal that reveals his personnality through cooking by combining noble products and regional traditional tastes.

The Meal will evolve, according to inspiration and the products. It will be suggested Fridays and Sathrudays nights.
Décembre 2013 | Distinction - "Maître restaurateur"
Our chef Yohan renew is title of "Maître restaurateur" (Master restorer) for 4 years. He looks forward to let you tested his latest creations!
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