December 2015 | Reopening of the Foie Gras school

Yohan proposes to teach all the secrets about the Foie Gras preparation : stripping, seasonning, cooking, and get to success !!!
Pupils prepare by themselves their Foie Gras with the Yohan's advices and will be able to customise their preparations if they wish (spices, dried fruits,...)

They will go back home with their 500g of Foie Gras, proud of themselves !

One lesson will be held at the restaurant on the Saturdays 12th and 19th of December 2015 from 10.00am to 12.00pm. A fees of 58€ will be asked for the subscription at school.

Do not forget to subscribe !
October 2015 | Taste Week

A moment of share and conviviality
Chocolate workshop with the pupils from the elementary school of Chapelle au Moine town
September 2015 | Brand new restaurant front

July 2015 | Sundays to the parc

Yohan made a show and kitchen courses during the "Sundays to the parc" event in Flers with the Hotel-Restaurant Owners' Club
Goat cheese and coriander summer cabbage - Raspberry-peach Pavlova - Nectarine-rhubarb soup and celery prawns
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